Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hexipuff #47-51 or Batts to Hats

Batts to hats was so much fun!  The weather was great under our tent and the best part of the day was to just be able to hang out with such awesome people.  The competition kicked off at 1:15pm and the spinners were off.  It took my partner about an hour to spin around two ounces into a thick single for me to crochet.  She stopped halfway through and wound the singles into a ball and then the baton was passed.  I had a pattern in mind when I started but then pressure set in and I lost count.  I feared that my original beanie idea had to go and it turned into a slouchy baby beret instead.
At about three o'clock, I finished my last round of single crochets and was declared the winner!  I was super psyched mostly because I was doing a lot of yarny trash talk before hand and didn't want to seem like I was all talk :-D.  The other three teams did an awesome job too.  They made the pointy elf hat from one of the last minute knitted gifts book.  Everyone's fiber looked great spun up and the color choices were beautiful.
I got to choose my prize and of course, like the addict that I am, I had to scoop up the rainbow pack of mini skeins to take the edge off my hexipuff addiction.  The mini skeins and the fiber that we used to spin and make the hat were from Holiday Yarns.
I also was able to finish up a yellow mini skein (from Holiday Yarns too) and have raised my hexipuff total to 51 puffs.  I am halfway to my goal of 100!
Now, what shall I do with the left over hand spun?  I'm thinking some short but hip wrist warmers or perhaps ear warmers?


  1. Yeah on winning! Yeah on your slouchy bebe beret! Yeah on an awesome day!

  2. What an exciting competition and a good idea. Well done.