Friday, May 25, 2012

Something to talk about..

 My due date is quickly approaching and I feel like my nesting is crossing over into my crafting now.  As I predicted, all those projects I started on a whim seem like they're hanging over my head like, hey, you know you wanna finish me before the baby is born, right?  Anywho, I'm almost done with spinning up my Sunflowers fiber from Clover Leaf Farms.  I have probably an ounce left to spin and then I will 2 ply that puppy... I hope.  Michael really likes how it's spinning up and wants a hat out of it.  I think he likes it because it looks so much like my hair color; he wants to join the redhead club and  I suppose wearing this hat will help him fit in.  Maybe he won't have to worry about possibly being out numbered.  We'll see if baby number two will be a redhead soon enough!

 I got this skein of Holiday Yarn Flock sock yarn at my local yarn store's destash sale.  It was such a brilliant idea.  What you did was bring in anything from your stash that you weren't crazy about anymore and price it to sell.  Whatever sold is kept as store credit to use on future purchases.  Lucky for me, I did pretty well and decided to purchase the skein below with some of my credit.  I'm not sure what to do with these pretty skeins but I'm in love with the base that Jennifer uses.

Currently, I'm working on a shawl for a KAL with my lys, the fiber above, and some fingerless mitts.  The shawl must've been ripped out at least thirty times because my baby brain has been a major road block in my crafting lately.  Last night at knit night, I finally got on track with the help of my wonderful friends and teeny stitch markers.  I'm about ten rows in using the yarn that I dyed at the retreat from March.  As soon as I post this entry, I will finish up the Sunflowers fiber and then wait a few days to ply it.  Lastly, the fingerless mitts were a slow start too but that's only because I had to learn how to do a provisional cast-on and how to pick up stitches oh, and how to use DPNs.  I know I use double pointed needles for my hexipuffs but you only really need two to make the puff magic happen.  I had all five needles out and ready for the mitts and I was impressed that making all those hexipuffs really helped me to be comfortable with the mitts project.  Two projects that are on the back burner are the puffs and an amigurumi project I started a few weeks ago.  I realized, as I was crocheting all the body parts, eww, I have to sew these together and immediately put the project back in its bag and far away from my living room.  I just don't care to assemble anything right now besides I have to make a few more pieces before I can even begin to finish it up.

This weekend, my last fiber hurrah will be taking place at the Yarn Cupboard (duh!).  Me and my partner, Angela, are on a team to make a hat from a batt of fiber.  One person spins fiber and the other knits/crochets up a hat.  The team that finishes or makes the most progress wins a prize.  The weather is supposed to be all right for tomorrow and I'm so excited to craft outside in this perfect temperature.  I'll post details sometime this week, unless baby has other plans.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  I hope you have some time to craft a little in the beautiful weather.

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  1. I like how that top fiber is spinning up! I think a hat for Michael is a perfect use of the yarn. :)

    Take it easy, mommy!