Tuesday, March 11, 2014

COA and FOs

 This was a project from our second cast-on-apalooza that I finished.  I used Splendor Sock by Jill Draper, a fingering weight yarn coupled with the Wingfeathers pattern by Cal Patch of Hodgepodge Farms.
 Because it was crochet, this project flew by for me once I sat down and worked for more than five minutes at a time on it.  The pattern has a two row repeat once you get into it and is easy to remember.  The pattern consists of working with treble crochets, which I don't often do but was enjoyable all the same.

Once I finished, I knew I couldn't get away without blocking it, so I got out my blocking needles, gave the shawl a bath, and stretched until I couldn't stretch anymore.  I was amazed and how much it grew and how the pattern stood out afterwards.  

If you're keeping a tally on my cast-on-apalooza projects, here are the stats:
  • Ripped 2 projects - Stormcloud Shawlette and Persephone Hood
  • Finished 2 projects - Maize and Wingfeathers Shawl
  • Still actively working on the other 4 projects - 2 sweaters, a scarf, and a shawl

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