Monday, March 10, 2014

TinCanKnits = Awesome!

 Make way for the glamor shots!  First up is the pattern from TinCanKnits called Maize.  This pattern is from the Simple Collection which has 8 patterns that a beginner can follow by playing with the knit and purl placement of stitches and still get something pretty cool that could be mistaken for advanced knitting.

 This pattern gets my vote because it's two patterns in one.  You can opt to make either mittens or fingerless mitts.  I went for the fingerless mitts because I already have a pair of mittens that I use often and my other fingerless mitts are looking pretty beat.  I love the ribbing up the side especially.  Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like these could pass for store bought.  But nowadays, is that really a compliment?

Another reason why I like this pattern is how the thumb gusset comes together and the make 1s lend a nice little curve on either side of the thumb.  I used Manos Maxima which is the cushiest worsted weight yarn I've ever worked with.  I have about four different hanks of this yarn and have already made my way through two of them.  I recommend pattern and yarn very highly!  Now, go knit these mitts, you know you want to!

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