Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last of the bulk

To finish up the month of all things bulky, here are some close-ups of three baby cocoons I made for Michael to be used as photo props for future baby photo shoots.  Why the close ups?  They don't look very glamorous unless a baby is inside so I thought showing off the stitches was more appealing otherwise they look like poorly crocheted adult hats.  I used Berocco Peruvia for the mauve and cream colored yarns and Plymouth Encore Mega for the blue.  One recommendation though, if you choose to use Plymouth Encore Mega, you definitely need more than one skein to finish the project.  I ran out and had to do a couple of rows with some of the Berocco I had left over.

One of the last bulk projects I finished was the Vermonter hat by Abi Gregorio.  I used Imperial Native Twist.  This yarn was so squishy and yummy.  I highly recommend this yarn to anyone and everyone!  Imperial first caught my interest on the Yarniacs podcast and I mentioned it to my friend who owns a wonderful yarn shop and she is now selling it there.  The pattern is free and you could finish it in a night!  Give it a try!

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