Thursday, May 29, 2014

Never too early!

 Tour de Fleece will be here before you know it and I've already started plotting what to spin and which teams to join.  My friend used to have sheep and before she sold them, they were sheared and she gave me all the fiber to spin.  The hubs got this processed for me through Salt City Fiberworks.  There are two huge garbage size bags of the brown and one of the white.  My goal is to try and get through one bag of brown using my buddy Angela's Ashford Traditional during the tour.  I joined Team Climbers whose goal is to conquer mountains and big personal challenges.  

To break up the monotony of spinning fiber au naturel daily for about a month, I have these puppies as some back up in my stash to use on the my spindle for my local yarn store's team (yes, I'm nuts to be on two teams:-D).  The top one is a mini batt with a little sparkle in it and a braid both from Spun Right Round.

Anyone out there gonna join the tour?  Who's with me?

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