Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A sweater for Hazel

A sweater for Hazel made with Lion Brand Yarn Wool-ease in the colors of dark rose heather and gray heather (please excuse my toes that are in the shot).  

The pattern is from Rima Aranha and is called the Bombay Love sweater.  I am currently making another one for my friend's baby in the colors of pea green and mink brown. 

I just love the buttons!  Notice the fleur de lys???  I bought these buttons a long time ago and was waiting for something really special to put them on.  I can't wait to see Hazel in my creations!  She is still a wee bit too little and it's still summer to put her in anything heavy anyway.  I am sad to say that some of the handmades for Hazel may be too small by the time she'll be able to wear them though but maybe the next baby will be able to wear them!

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