Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book Review #1

So, I noticed this whole trend in book series based on certain crafts like knitting, quilting and most recently crochet.  Because I love all things crochet no matter the cheese factor, I had to buy this book.  It was a nice, enjoyable read (perfect beach book) that held my attention so much that I got the next two in the series...  

The main character, Molly Pink, doesn't know how to crochet but learns as she befriends the Tarzana Hookers (crochet group) who meet in the book store she works in.  They get together weekly to crochet for charities and such.  Molly's boyfriend is a cop and somehow Molly gets tangled up in the latest murder in Tarzana.  The person murdered just happens to be the head of the crochet group and known to have a complicated past with Molly!  

The characters are believable, even down to the crazy chick that wears colorful, crazy crochetwear and I could totally see these people in my mind.  What I didn't believe was that these women crochet in sunny California and not like the northern part of California...ick!  I'd be sweating my tush off!  

The book gives a pattern to make a granny square wash cloth and a recipe for pound cake with buttercream frosting.  Because as we all know crocheting and yummy desserts go hand in hand.

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