Thursday, April 28, 2011

April for ME!

 Masa Bag in crochet.

 I used Lily Sugar 'N' Cream Solid (Robin's Egg) and Stripes (Country Stripes) and double crocheted a rectangle of about 30x90 centimeters.

 Here are the directions on how to make the Masa Bag.

I really like the color combination.  It was a happy accident really that I needed the third skein of yarn in Robin's Egg.  I changed the original size to be slightly bigger so that I could carry more stuff around.  I thought the original size dimensions were a little too small and could possibly get me all sorts of angry when the time for folding and seaming the bag together came around.  I decided not to line the bag because whenever I use cotton yarn, my stitches don't really allow anything to break through.  So, a potential crisis averted!  Other people's projects added buttons  but I thought the button would get in my way of trying to reach in the bag.  The strap isn't super long because even though it's cotton, I was still afraid it may stretch out.  When worn around my shoulder the bag bottom hits just at the top of my waist.  Perfect!

Happy 200th post to me!!!


  1. Oh my God, I love it! Such a cute purse, Cheese! I love the triangle shape in the middle -- good work!