Monday, April 4, 2011

The town over

Last week, I was having my parents over for dinner.  I didn't have to pick up Hazel and I was able to drive back home the 'old' way without having to jump on the thru-way, which drives me nuts!!  On route 5 just upon entering Elbridge, New York, from the west, I stopped into this yarn store, Duck Flats Fiber Studio, and took a look around.

I was a little bummed that old issues of Spin Off weren't for sale because I found the perfect issue to help me out with a new addiction - finding the right spindle.

Here's a shot of their award winning American and Canadian wool that was very nice and a tad pricey.  I really wanted to buy a hank but I vowed to myself not to spend over $12.  Mostly because I only had that much in cash on me.

I loved this little teddy bear hanging out on his Adirondack chair in his super cute knitwear.  Soooo upstate New York of him!


  1. Get on the dot com and order that edition of spin off! :)

  2. Don't get me started on walking into any LYS with a budget in mind ... ohmybob. :) That one looks super-cute, especially Mr. Adironack Bear.

    And thanks for the article kudos - I enjoyed the research and the writing!