Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chancelor's Sheep & Wool Showcase

 The S&W festival was awesome!  Despite the wet weather and brisk temperatures that must've scared away a little over half of the vendors that were signed up to be there, my fibery friend and I had a great time.  When we first got there, this little guy was getting sheared on display.

 The gentleman doing the snipping was very entertaining and knowledgeable.  I give him an A+ for his overall presentations.  (can you tell my teacher personality is showing?)

  I learned that after a sheep has been shorn it's important that the sheep's skin be protected during extreme types of weather because the lanolin that naturally occurs in their bodies takes about three days to come back and protect their skin again.

 The presenter was pretty entertaining as well; telling jokes about virgin wool, where expressions like 'the last leg' came from (happens when you shear the last leg of a sheep) and the difference between men and women's jobs on the farm (basically, women can better multi-task than men...this I knew already!).

 This was all the wool rolled up into a nice fluffy ball ready to be washed, carded and spun!

 What a sheep without his coat looks like next to his buddies who are still pretty warm and cozy.

 Poor little guy!  It was pretty wet and chilly but I give the little sheep credit for being a good sport up on stage.

 The sheep would not stay still.  Sorry for the blurriness of the iPhone pics!

 Saw this cute little sheep wearing a shall on one of the vendors tables and it made me think of this.

 Yummy, nummy yarns...

 Huge ball of wool roving anyone????  I do believe I could've successfully used this in a dodge ball game to get someone out!

I bought some of the pink wool yarn on the far right there.  I plan on making some sweet mittens with it!

I'll post pics of the loot sometime this week!  You should all be very excited because I sure as heck am!

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