Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Through the gate...

What I've been looking at lately:

I have also been pricing out roving just to see what the average ounce costs for different types of fibers.  I haven't got all the spinning terminology yet but I think I want to get a.. .top whorl spindle (sounds so weird to say!).  On April 23rd, I'll be heading to a fiber fest  in downstate New York and I'm wondering if there will be spindles for sale.  The above ones look so neat.  

Yesterday, I was perusing YouTube with Hazey and thought these videos were very interesting and helpful. I was fascinated by them but Hazel, not so much!

This chick was cool!

I just adore Kelly Petkun!

It is true what they say about knitting; it's a gateway drug!

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  1. SPINNNIIIIIIING. I love top whorl spndiles. That book is very informative for basics, and you can get some EXCELLENT fibers from, and also etsy. But these are less likely to be reliable. Holla if you need help.