Thursday, September 29, 2011

I need a fire under my bum.

I haven't been doing much of any crafting lately because I've been a little busy and I'm trying to finish up a book for the Ravelry group I am in.  There was about three days this week where my wrist was on the outs due to an unfortunate mopping incident (out damn spot!) but it's fully recovered now.  I'm also experiencing project guilt.  I have to still finish that drop stitch scarf for my friend but I really want to finish that sweater vest for me.  Or, I really want to spin but I should continue on with the Christmas gifts.  Oh and the 12 for Me! for September is going to be way late!  WAhhh!  So, rather than feel guilty, I haven't been doing anything.  

I'm such a wimp!

Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow.  Maybe I will find some motivation after the school day... and if Hazel lets me have the time!

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