Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little York Fiber Festival

 What a lovely day for a fiber fest!  It was nice and chilly- not too bad that it hindered my shopping experience but just right to be sporting some crochet and knit wear!  Here I am wearing my Cardiff Cowl in Lion Brand Baby Alpaca.  Perfect touch of warmth around my neck and of course my hands were kept toasty in my Camp Out Fingerless Mitts.

 Out in the parking lot, we saw this awesome bumper sticker and I had to take a shot of it!  I wish I took some more pictures but I was thoroughly involved with the fiber festivities. 

 These guys were hanging out by Trinity Farms booth.  She had a ton of Shetland and Icelandic wool for sale.  I almost purchased some but was definitely distracted by sparkly, shiny, bright colors today.

 These were pretty awesome batts that my friends Gretchen and Angela bought but I resisted the urge plus, I only had just so much cash on me!

I was really attracted to all the locks in Burt's Peaceful Valley Enterprises booth.  I spent most of my budget with her!  Pictures of what I bought are coming soon but I have to say that Little York did an awesome job with their first fiber festival. 

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  1. Love the fingerless gloves! The dyed wool is also very pretty.