Monday, October 22, 2012

August Fibers

Yes, you read that right fiberS.  I originally was going to ply them together but really loved them on their own.  May I present my finished August fibers of 2012:

"Across the Universe"
 This was a mystery fiber that was a delight to work with.  I spun this while demonstrating at the New York State Fair Wool Center.  The lovely ladies that I spun with came to the conclusion that it was some sort of silk and bamboo mix.  If they are right, then I could spin that combination all day long!  Drafting was very easy and smooth.  The color changes kept my attention as well.  I was able to get about 96 yards of sport weight yarn.  Eat your heart out, Noro!  I left the yarn as singles so forgive the crinkly look in the photo.  Which leads me to confession time: I don't soak my yarn when I am done spinning it.  Is that bad?  My awesome friend, Angela, gave me some packets to help guide me in that direction.  Will report back when I have a sink that is clean enough to soak pretty fiber.

Octopus' Garden
This next fiber was also a mystery to me, and I'm guessing it's probably merino.  I got 56 yards in a bulky weight from about 3 ounces.  I apologize for all the vague weights and classifications but it's the best I can do for the moment.  I did a two ply on this using my favorite method of a center pull ball and spinning the ends together so that I use all the yarn and get as much yardage as possible.  

Currently I am working on finishing this fiber which will probably be September and October fibers of the year.  Stay tuned!

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