Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Little York Fiber Booty



three times

No, I didn't become a barber

This didn't come out of my drain..

I didn't pin Michael down and buzz his head...

Our kitteh didn't puke this up!
 Yeah.  Half of my budget went to Burt's Peaceful Valley Enterprises.  I couldn't resist the sparkly mini batts or the locks for a buck an ounce!  The owner is based in Preble, New York so she's not too far away from me and she's near where my husband works if I need to have a sparkle fix.

 One of my goals at the fest was to steer myself towards different fibers.  I tend to have the same stuff in my fiber stash (bfl, wool blends, merino) so I opted to get 4 ounces of this beautiful green Rambouillet fiber.  I fail to remember the vendor and I'm kicking myself right now that I didn't take note but she was a wonderful lady who was also selling felted hats and garments.

 So, no BFL, right?  WROONG!  The pretty color combinations and little voices coming off the tables at Spun Right Round's booth kept saying, "Buy me, buy me!"  Because I have been oogling her etsy shop forever and really wanted to get something from her store in Cortland but didn't, I told myself, "Self, get thee to Spun Right Round's booth immediately!"  I love RenĂ©e's fibers and her funky style!

That was all of my budget and these goodies above came from Maggie's Farm (not at Little York but always at other CNY fests) care of my friend, Gretchen, who has the fiber hook up.  This was a mix of all sorts of fiber including some angora from goats and bunnies!

In all, the Little York Fiber Fest's first showing was pretty decent.  Yeah, I would've liked a little more to eat than snacky foods but hey, it's their first gig!  I thought the location was awesome and the vendors were great.  I really enjoyed my time there and will definitely go back next year!