Saturday, October 27, 2012

That time of year...

Christmas crafting is upon us, people and I have decided to take an easy way out this year.  Instead of laboring over long, time consuming projects, I have decided to whip up these cute, little star ornaments for the friends, family and co-workers in my life.   With the arrival of baby number two, it's hard to find the time this year.  The pattern is here and I am using Luna from the S. Charles collection that I bought from the Yarn Cupboard.  The yarn is mostly kid mohair and silk with just enough sparkle to make it festive. 

In other crafting news, I'm plying my September and October fibers, finished a test crochet for a dear friend, and just need to seam up my first knitted monster!  You know posts and pictures will be on their way!

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