Friday, August 16, 2013

The Results!

After a week of waiting, I got my cards in the mail to see what New York State Fair judges deemed worthy of being displayed.  Four out of five of the items I submitted were accepted! 

Here's the rundown of how it went down:

3rd place:
Simply a Gnome!
 Honorable Mention:
Diagonal Eyelet Hand Warmers

 Honorable Mention:
Deanna Jumper

Honorable Mention:
The hand spun in progress shot
Not too shabby for my first time entering things to the NYS Fair!  Also, one of Michael's photos were accepted! :-)


  1. Well, I'm very happy for you - congrats! However, I think those judges are smoking a little too much wacky weed. :)

    1. I was very surprised Rustically Elegant didn't at least get an honorable mention. Perhaps it was a finishing flaw on my part? But I agree, what were they thinking?!

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  3. What a cute jumper -- and a cute model, too! And, as you know, I'm a huge fan of the hand warmers. Pretty color! CONGRATS!!

  4. Third place for the gnome! And you weren't even sure about submitting him! Congrats on all!