Sunday, August 4, 2013


Colorway: Sunrise, Sunset
  I'm in love with spinning singles lately.  It's been nice not having to ply anything together because you know that the singles are really good to stand alone and not have extra support.  I finished two hanks of yarn recently.  The one above was my first ever batt that I received from Denise.  It is from Wonder Why Alpaca Farm and the prep of the fiber was just flawless.  It was so pretty, so soft, so sparkly.  I spun up about 158 yards of fingering weight.  It will most likely become an accent in some sort of shawl.  You know, when I finally get the courage to start using more of my hand spun in projects.

Colorway: We Can Work It Out
Then I finished this beauty and I fell in love all over again with spinning.  This is what 323 yards of fingering weight fibery goodness looks like!  I know, I know, stop drooling!  This is one hank of yarn that will probably be bronzed at some point because it's just never going to have a project that is good enough for it!  The fiber came from my favorite spot this side of Central New York prepared by Spinner's Hill. 

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  1. Oh My Bob, both of these are fantastic (even if there is all that yellow amid the wonderful purple). And that spin above - love, love, love that colorway. Maybe the edging on a lovely cream or light peach shawl?