Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Full Moon

 One of the last fiber purchases of the day was at Stone Edge Fibers where I bought 6 oz of variegated wool roving for less than a $1 an ounce!  Woot, woot!

 A visit to Cloverleaf farms to pick up two braids in the colorway of snapdragon and sunflower was the very last purchase.  The last time I bought something from them it was two skeins of pretty purple yarn at Rhinebeck back in 2009!

 The crazy pink and blue and this foresty green fiber was the very first purchase that I found in High Bid Farm's bargain bin.  I couldn't resist.  Especially since I wanted to get something kind of funky and different.

 The fluffy, irradescent roving caught my eye at Pear Tree's booth along with some clearanced fiber in my hometown's colors.  The roving above the 12 oz bag was so soft that I couldn't tell the difference between where my hand began and the fiber started.  So cozy!

My sole non-fiber purchases of the day (besides a sad slice of pizza and a Mountain Dew) were these old issues of Spin-Off for $2 each.  I'm very excited about reading the articles and drooling over the fibery pictures...  So, how do you think I did?


  1. When the fibers are just in a ball like that, they sort of look like aliens in an 80s movie that are just about to hatch. Don't let them near Hazel!

  2. I think you scored big time! That sunflower colorway is divine ...