Friday, September 16, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba!

 You may have remembered from a previous post that I had a work in process in pieces.  I introduce to you, FOOFA, from the popular kid's show, Yo Gabba Gabba.  My daughter loves this show (and so do I, let's be honest!) and her favorite character is the pink and happy character -  Foofa. 
You may also recall that I'm part-time teaching at my school with no increase in hours in the near future so trying to find a pattern that was free was pretty difficult.  Although if you want to pay for a pattern go here.  I decided for the love of Hazey, I was going to make this doll for her.  I've made a ton of amigurumi so I figured I would be able to find something in all the books and free patterns I have stacked up around my office.  The only things I had to improvise myself was the collar and the pupils which were pretty easy once I sat down and thought about it.  Here's a breakdown of what I used:
I leave you with words that DJ Lance would say if he were a yarn crafter: "Crocheting Amigurumi is AWESOME!


  1. Love it all put together! And congrats on your persistence in getting all the pieces of FOOFA together.

    I've never watched the show, I'm ashamed to admit, but there you have it. :)

  2. I recommend if you need a pick me up during your day! :-)