Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spinning it up

 I went to spin night last night at the Yarn Cupboard and picked up this wool/merino roving from Spinner's Hill Top.  I didn't see a colorway on the package so I'm channeling The Beatles and naming it 'Blue Jay Way.'

 Here's what it looks like so far.  This is the first fiber I've spun that isn't a very neutral  color or naturally occurring on sheep unless of course these sheep happen to be smurfs.  It was interesting to see the color changes as I spun.

I am also still working on this domestic wool blend that I named 'Into the Woods.'  I'm really in need of another spindle.  Nothing fancy, just a basic one like my Ashford.  Luckily for me, I will be attending the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival in Hemlock, New York this Sunday with a few of my friends.  I will report back with the booty I've collected and pictures from the event. 


  1. Loving how that blue roving is spinning up. You're getting to be quite the proficient spinner!

  2. I freakin' love to spin! I keep going back and forth about getting a wheel. I feel like the wheel would help me spin quicker but I really like the more intimate nature with the spindle...

  3. mwahahahahahahaha you're hooked. Welcome ot the club.

    The wheel will help you spin faster once you learn to use the stupid thing, then you'll find your fiber stash kinda explodes. Def. try a few before you buy one!