Monday, September 19, 2011

Game Plan? Ha!

I don't know why I even set any goals for the fiber fest yesterday.  I couldn't find any reasonably priced spindles I liked and the yarn that was on sale wasn't really tickling my fancy.  So, I made a few twenties turn into fiber!  That, and I got some really cheap issues of Spin-Off for $2.  SCORE!

If you're over on Ravelry, pirates have taken over!  Shiver me timbers!  I will be posting pictures of the booty all this week!  But for now the only three pictures I took at the festival because the fiber fumes made me drunk:

The Program

Sheep stamp on my hand


  1. Wool fumes always make me forget about my camera as well. I went to a fiber festival last June and took a total of 1 picture.

  2. Holy sheet, don't you work anymore?! (Love the sheep stamp -- work it, girl!)

  3. If I could pay my college loan off by spinning up yarn, I would totally do it!