Monday, January 6, 2014

First knitted mittens!

 My love for DPNs is pretty crazy.  I've done most of the knitted projects this past Christmas season in the round using DPNs.  Above is the start of a mitten with 1x1 ribbing that lasted for about 2 inches.  I used Berocco Vintage in worsted weight.  This was a ball left over from Hazel's Easter dress.

 The pattern is called Grammy's Mitts by Tanis Lavallee.   She has you go stockinette all the way up with some simple decreasing towards the end.  I was nervous about putting in waste yarn to do the after thought thumbs.  This was my first after thought anything!

 Not to be dramatic but this part was a nail biter for me.  I hate having live stitches or going back and ripping stitches and re-inserting the needles, I get all sorts of anxiety.  I had to mentally prepare myself by inserting the DPNs where they needed to go and not starting the thumbs until the next day because I was that relieved and proud that I got the needles through the stitches without any major disaster!

Et voilà!  It's like the thumbs were always there!  I was pretty pleased with how my first pair of knitted mittens turned out.  My best friend loved them and they looked super cute on her mom.  This pattern will definitely be a repeat, especially once I start making charity mittens for my buddy, Angela.

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